Anonymous asked:

1, 3, 18, 26, 47

1. That would be my mom lol so definitely lol. In a relationship sense, fuck, its probably been like 4 years since anyones said that too me and naw i dont really think they meant it.

3. Uhmm idk lol what a weird question. I think for the 99% of the past year I’ve been generally over all happy. But I play poker for a living so the tilt is realllll at some point during most days.

18. In a relationship sense, yes, probably to more girls than I can remember lol, but in hindsight I dont think I’ve ever really meant it. My opinions on love have changed pretty drastically in the past few years, I don’t really believe it exists anymore outside of unconditional relationships.

26. Uhmmm yes and no lol. I’ve wanted someone that I once had and would like to be with again but its probably never going to happen lol. And I’ve wanted someone that I never even attempted to have so who knows lol.

47. Like all socially inept tumblr users, of course lol. But I’m getting alot better at not doing it, whats done is done.

Thnxxxx for asking stufff! I’m bored as fuckkkkk